Surgical Operation Theatre

Agora meditechnic offers supply and installation of sterile environment systems and clean room infrastructure for operation theatre, with an aim to provide patients safety, infection control and increase surgeon’s confidence. The company is widely acclaimed for designing and installing projects as per the national and international Guidelines lines like.

    • NABH
    • DIN
    • JCI
    • GOST
    • ASHRAE

Why is there a requirement of sterile environment systems?
As per research and surveys, it is proved that patients are highly prone to hospital related infections and below are some of the factors affecting occurrence of infection in operation theatre:

    • Type of surgery
    • Quality of air provided
    • Rate of air exchange
    • Number of persons present in Operation Theatre
    • Level of compliance with infection control practices
    • Quality of staff clothing and quality of cleaning process

To avoid the above infections the company has listed down some of the basic protocols to control of infections in Operation Theatre.

    • Separation of operation theatre from general traffic and air movement of hospital
    • Zoning i.e. sequence of increasingly clean zones from the entrance to the operating area with the aim of        reaching absolute asepsis at operating site.
    • Easy movement of staff from one clean area to another without passing through unclean areas.
    • Removal of unclean materials from the suite without passing thorough clean areas.

The company offers pre-designed and engineered components with guaranteed performance and shorter assembly time. Below is the list of components offered by the company for Operation Theatres.

A. Walls and ceilings of operating theatre

The interiors of operating theatres must withstand from heat and moisture in a hospital environment.
 The requirements for wall finishes in an operating room are described below :

    • The ability to withstand damage by mobile equipment
    • To be impervious to moisture and unaffected by heat and steam
    • To have a smooth matt finish, without crevices
    • The colour should be of light rainbow hues
    • To be totally unaffected by colour change, staining or mildew
    • To be capable of modification for minor alterations
    • Should not cause the build-up of a static electrical charge
    • Should be joint less or have joints capable of being sealed
    • An anticipated life of not less than ten years

B. Flooring of operating theatre

ESD-Control tile flooring helps to control involuntary personnel movement caused by electrostatic discharge, prevent hazardous static discharge directly to patient’s body and prevent fire or explosion when flammable anesthetics are used. ESD results in a danger of explosion caused by gases used for anesthesia in operation rooms. 

In countries with modern medical technology, the explosive gases are no longer used. However, ESD protection is more challenging because some diagnostically/ therapeutically fields use more high-tech electronic medical equipment like electronic sensors, measuring instruments, actuators, microprocessor-controlled devices, etc. which requires ESD protection.

    • Electrical and electrostatic characteristics
    • Physical/ Mechanical properties
    • Chemical resistance
    • Clean room consideration - low carbon content / low out gassing
    • Installation consideration
    • Maintenance consideration
    • Ease of performance for access floors
    • Fire resistance
    • Appearance
    • Cost consideration

C. Entry door for operating theatre

Electronically operated hermetically sealing sliding doors are provided to maintain sterility and accurate air pressure in the department.

    • Contamination risks in the rooms are under control 
    • Disinfecting is quicker and safer
    • Control the overpressure in the room
    • Acoustic and noise control
    • Creating a quite environment inside and outside the operating theater/clean room

of a failure of the air handling unit, the overpressure is under control Some of the other equipments used in operating theatre, which the company installs, are as below.

D. Media Bridge

    • Medical gas supplies
    • Power supply
    • Flow balancer up to height of door
    • No connection of clean air area to the surroundings
    • Visual separation

E. Operation theatre lamps

    • Innovative LEDs
    • Low disturbance of air flow by flow optimised shape of the lamp body
    • 2 x 160,000 luminance
    • Good colour rendering properties
    • Low heat transmission at use of light intensity

F. X-ray image viewer

    • Digital and analogue X-ray image viewers
    • Ergonomically integrated into walls
    • Keyboard and touch pad are anti-microbial
    • Certification in accordance with the MPG (German medical product liability laws) and EC standards

G. Surgeon’s panels

    • Remote control panels individual control of:
          ¤ Air conditioning system
          ¤ Surrounding lighting system
          ¤ Operating theatre lamps
          ¤ Operating table

    • Monitoring of the medical gas supply and the IT network

Advantages of Modular Operation Theatre

    • For Surgeons:
          ¤ Absolutely sterile environment
          ¤ Increase in success rate of surgeries
          ¤ Post-Operative infection rate can be reduced by 65%
          ¤ Less Post-Operative recovery time
          ¤ Due to Laminar flow, surgeon do not inhale the anesthetic gasses
          ¤ Temperature and Humidity can be adjusted to suit specialized              surgeries (eg. Bronchology)
          ¤ Safety for medical staff from electrical equipment failure due to              conductive flooring
          ¤ Touch free entry/exit after scrubbing
          ¤ Hands free telephone for mid-surgery consultation

    • For Hospital Administration:
          ¤ Preference for surgeons to work in a better environment; laminar flow,              sterile, better illumination
          ¤ Easy to clean and easy to maintain Operation Theatres
          ¤ Electrical faults can be rectified from outside, so entry of technicians               can be restricted to some extent

    • For Patients:

          ¤ Less Post-Operative recovery time
          ¤ Safety for medical staff from Electrical equipment failure due to              conductive flooring

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